Laser - The gentle method of
tattoo removal

Laser devices have been used successfully in pigment removal for many years and have established themselves as an effective method. We use a modern Q-switched ND-YAG laser, which produces lasting good results with the best possible protection of the skin tissue.
Many factors influence the course and the result of such a treatment, because tattoos are also absolutely individual. For example, the color density, the stitch depth and of course the color composition play a major role in determining how many treatments are necessary.
Also important is the interval between the individual sessions, which should be about six weeks, so that the skin has enough time to fully regenerate and the lymphatic system to remove the crushed color particles. We always focus our approach on the most optimal result that is gentle on the skin.
Our aftercare and care instructions serve both skin regeneration and the most effective color removal.

Behandlungsergebnis der Tattooentfernung in Potsdam vorher und nach 2 Behandlungen bei

Behandlungsergebnis der Tattooentfernung in Potsdam vorher und nach 4 Behandlungen


Laser treatment at

Tattoo needles are used to introduce the color into the dermis. So-called scavenger cells try to capture the individual pigment particles, which is unsuccessful due to their size.

The color particles disintegrate when exposed to heat and can then be transported away via the lymphatic system. In the skin-friendly laser procedure, extremely short pulses act under the epidermis and leave it largely undamaged.


Depending on the whitening desired, several treatments are usually necessary. Based on our experience, rough estimates are possible as to the number of treatments to be expected. You can find out more about this in our free consultation.


According to the size of the tattoo, the respective price per treatment is determined, starting at 80€.