The sensation of pain depends on several factors and varies greatly from person to person. Depending on the area of the body that is lasered and the "shape of the day", the treatment may be perceived as painless or rather painful. Regular cooling before, during and after treatment can help.

Q-switched ND:YAG lasers, such as those we use, have been the first choice for tattoo removal for many years. The extremely short pulses in the nanosecond range ensure optimal results.

Through professional and experienced use of the ND:YAG laser, the risk of scarring is very low, but can never be 100% excluded.
In particular, compliance with the instructions on our aftercare leaflet help to minimize this risk and are the basis for an optimal treatment result.

The number of necessary treatments is difficult to determine in advance, as many factors influence this. As a rule, 6-12 treatments are performed at intervals of about 6 weeks. The skin needs the time between sessions to regenerate. Likewise, the removal of the crushed color particles after each treatment takes several weeks.

Tattoo removal is not performed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Already started projects pause during the time.

During the entire period of color degradation, the tattoo should be protected from the sun, especially directly after a session.
Going to the bath and intensive sports are recommended only after the wound healing is completed. During the first treatment you will receive all the necessary instructions for care after the treatment with the laser device.