Make room for
something new!

The lightening of a complete tattoo or individual details is the perfect preparation for the new desired tattoo in the same place.
Often it is also the only way to prevent the cover-up from becoming too large or too dark. We adapt to your wishes and are also able to laser very small color areas or fine lines. The procedure is very similar to tattoo removal.
In our consultation, we also give advice on the best time interval between the laser treatment and the new tattoo. So you can calculate a time frame and agree with the tattoo artist.


Laser treatment at

The color is introduced into the dermis with special needles. So-called scavenger cells try to capture the individual pigment particles, which is unsuccessful due to their size.

The color particles disintegrate when exposed to heat and can then be transported away via the lymphatic system. In the skin-friendly laser procedure, extremely short pulses act under the epidermis and leave it largely undamaged.


Depending on the whitening desired, several treatments are usually necessary. Based on our experience, rough estimates are possible as to the number of treatments to be expected. You can find out more about this in our free consultation.


According to the size of the tattoo, the respective price per treatment is determined, starting at 80€.