Our Philosphy

Only the combination of modern laser-assisted procedures to break the color particles with proven, effective strategies to break down the released pigment particles form an effective concept to achieve the best possible results for each individual.
With a lot of experience and an eye for the big picture, we offer advanced pigment removal according to your personal needs.

Your advantages

  • Many years of experience and expertise in laser-assisted pigment removal
  • Your health is always in the foreground! Therefore, work is always carried out in compliance with the duty of care
  • Detailed and individual care instructions for aftercare at home
  • Modern laser technology for treatment results that are gentle on the skin and effective at the same time
  • Expert holistic support for pigment reduction and the body's own regeneration processes
  • Comprehensive information and individual consultation before the start of treatment
  • Trial treatment of an initially small area of the tattoo possible
  • Tattoo removal is a matter of trust - highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, as well as the protection of your personal data.

You would like to inform yourself first?

We will be happy to answer your questions in advance by e-mail or telephone. Please get in touch with us.